Posted on Feb 09, 2024

Scam Alert From Sol Foot and Ankle Centers

Protect Yourself From Healthcare Scams: Urgent Alert for Our Patients

We’ve had reports from several of our patients that they’ve received unsolicited phone calls from
“vendors” trying to get them to authorize receipt of a variety of different medical devices and supplies.
The SCAMMERS falsely tell the patient that their doctor has ordered these items for them. They ask the
patient for their demographics and insurance information and then fraudulently bill Medicare and/or
private insurance companies for the items in question. At best the patient will receive the unwanted and
not-actually-ordered supplies. At worst an unsuspecting person might provide payment information for
“co-pays” and then have their identities and financial information stolen. The SCAMMERS are promoting
everything from diabetic supplies to orthopedic braces to emergency alert necklaces – it could be
anything that they know Medicare and insurance companies will pay for!

Steps to Take After Receiving a Suspicious Call

What to do if you receive one of these calls? First, never provide any financial, insurance, or other demographic

information to anyone on the phone whose identity you haven't verified and confirmed.

Verify Before You Share Information

Tell them that you are going to check with your doctor before going any further and then end the call immediately.

Report the Incident

Retrieve the incoming phone number and report the incident immediately to CMS (Medicare) or other appropriate authorities.


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