Diabetic shoes are specially designed shoes, and inserts, for people with diabetes. They are also known as therapeutic shoes, extra-depth shoes and orthopedic shoes.

These specialty shoes have specific features that ordinary footwear does not provide. Diabetic shoes help reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics that have additional foot problems such as neuropathy, poor circulation and foot deformities.

How are diabetic shoes different?

1. Diabetic shoes are made extra-depth to reduce high-pressure areas, accommodate insoles and custom orthotics, swollen feet, and deformities such as hammertoes and bunions.

2. Diabetic shoes are available in different widths, accommodating medium, wide, extra-wide, and extra extra-wide feet.

3. Protective lining and little to no stitching on the inside of a diabetic shoe for a seamless fit.

4. Pressure reducing footbed that keeps feet properly supported while reducing high pressure spots.

5. Specially fitted by a Podiatrist or Certified Pedorthist.

Properly fitting footwear can help you avoid complications associated with diabetes, including unnecessary foot amputations.

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