If you look at enough feet (you probably don’t, but we do!) you will certainly notice that they come in all different shapes and sizes. You may also notice that certain feet have lumps, bumps, ridges, or prominences in areas that are different from one foot to another. Some of these “conditions” may be within the normal range of things, while others can be abnormal and even painful. Here’s a look at some of the more common lumps and bumps with links to more information about each condition:

Bunions Sol foot and ankle centers

What is a Bunion? 

A bunion is a bone prominence along the inside of the base of the great toe. Bunion formation is hereditary and can be aggravated by tight-fitting shoes

What are Bunionettes? 

Bunionettes, also called tailors bunions, are like bunions, but are located along the outside of the foot at the base of the small toe

What are Corns?

Corns are abnormalities of the skin on the toes caused by shoes putting too much pressure on an area where the toe likely has some type of deformity.

What are Ganglion cysts?

Ganglion cysts are pouches of joint fluid that usually develop in areas that have been traumatized. We usually see them over the top/middle of the foot. They can feel very hard, like bone, but are actually filled with very thick fluid.

What are Pump bumps?

Pump bumps, or Haglund’s deformities, are bone prominences of the back of the heel. They got their name because they are usually aggravated by tight-fitting shoes, such as ladies' dress pumps.

What are Bone spurs? 

 Some bone spurs of the feet are visible underneath the skin and can become painful or irritated. These usually occur across the top arch or the top of the great toe joint.

What are Plantar fibromas?

Fibromas are lumps of soft tissue that develop along the bottom of the arch of the foot. They can come on slowly, but can also get larger over time and become painful. Lumps and bumps on the feet are not usually serious, but some of these conditions can be painful and require treatment. If you or someone you love has any type of lump or bump on their feet, especially something that is new or has been ignored in the past, now is the time to get it checked out! Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to have the condition evaluated and see what treatment options are available.

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