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What causes an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail is a common condition where the nail curves into the skin. Ingrown toenails can become painful to the touch, red, and swollen, especially when they become infected.

Recurrence of Ingrown Toenails: Understanding the Risk

Your ingrown toenail will most likely grow back if you are prone to ingrown nails because of: tight-fitting shoes, trimming the nails too short, a recent pedicure, and hereditary factors (the shape of your foot).

Solutions for Chronic Ingrown Toenails

If you have pain in the outer corners of your nails or chronic ingrown toenails a more permanent treatment solution may be necessary. Surgery for ingrown toenails involves surgically removing a small portion of the ingrown nail to prevent it from growing back. 

The Importance of Professional Podiatric Care

The permanent removal of an ingrown nail involves using a special medication to remove the portion of the nail root that is ingrown.  This prevents the ingrown toenail from growing back permanently. Ingrown toenail surgery is minimally painful and performed at our Long Beach podiatry offices

Your Journey to Pain-Free Feet Begins Here

Remember, the best thing to do if you have an ingrown toenail is to get to a podiatrist right away. Avoid self-treatment! In the early stages, he may be able to simply and painlessly trim out the piece of the nail that's causing the pain.

Stop the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails with Sol Foot & Ankle Centers. Our skilled team provides expert, compassionate care tailored to your needs. If you have questions about our treatments or wish to schedule an appointment, call us at (562) 433-0478 today and embark on your journey to pain-free, healthy feet.

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