Ingrown toenails (onychocryptosis) are common and can be very painful. You may think that you can remove your ingrown yourself or that it will just go away on its own but - NOT likely! Here are five myths about ingrown toenails you need to read!

ingrown toenail long beach1. An ingrown toenail will get better on its own.

Waiting or delaying treatment can make the problem worse. Ingrown toenails almost always get gradually worse, not better.

2. Cutting a V in the toenail will relieve the pressure and pain of an ingrown nail.

Cutting a V in the nail does not relieve the pain or pressure of an ingrown toenail. The only way to alleviate an ingrown toenail is to remove the portion of the nail that is embedded in the skin.

3. If I have an ingrown toenail the whole nail has to be removed.

In most cases, only the ingrown portion of the nail has to be removed.

4. Keeping the nails short will prevent an ingrown toenail. 

Nails that are too short can cause toenails to become ingrown. Leaving toenails longer and cutting them straight across can help prevent nails from becoming ingrown.

5. The pedicurist can treat my ingrown toenail.

Your pedicurist should not treat your ingrown toenail. Nail salons and whirlpools are breeding grounds for bacteria and can put you at risk of serious infection. A podiatrist is the #1 person to see when you have an ingrown toenail. They are trained and certified to treat all types of foot problems from bunion surgery to ingrown toenail surgery.

The best thing to do if you have an ingrown toenail is to get to a podiatrist right away. If you have an ingrown toenail don't delay getting treatment. Ingrown toenail removal is simple, relatively painless, and affordable. Don't keep suffering in pain and run the risk of infection or more serious complications.

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