Do I speak Japanese?

The answer is yes, I speak Japanese. I grew up in Nagano, Japan. I came to the United States after high school to further my education.

Will orthotics help me?

Yes, a properly made foot orthotic will give your feet support and can potentially prevent foot problems.  It is important to get orthotics that are made specifically for your feet, your shoes, and your lifestyle. Click here for more information.

Does plantar fasciitis pain ever go away? 

In most cases yes, plantar fasciitis pain will eventually go away.  Sometimes home remedies such as stretching and rolling exercises and icing can help.  For our patients, we usually start a program of conservative treatment to get the symptoms under control, until they eventually resolve.  Click here for more information.

Is fungus hard to treat?

It depends, mild cases that are caught early can be fairly easy to treat, but neglected cases with more severe nail damage can require more extensive treatment. Education on prevention is important. Click here for more information.

Why are my toenails discolored?

Toenail discoloration could be caused by something as simple as bumping your toe, or other minor trauma. It could even be caused by using toenail polish but, the most common cause of nail discoloration is a fungal infection in the toenails. There are also some more serious medical conditions that can cause toenail discoloration such as Kidney problems, poor circulation, or even some types of cancer.  If you have some type of toenail discoloration that has not been diagnosed, you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible!!!  Click here for more information.


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Jan Libourel 09/17/2021 10:58 PM
Going Barefoot? How beneficial is it for your feet to go barefoot whenever safe and feasible. I have read that health and fitness advocate Bernarr McFadden would walk 25 miles barefoot to his office each day, which seems a little extreme to me!
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