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3 Things to Consider When You Have Heel Pain

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When you have a sharp throbbing pain on the bottom of your heel, it may be plantar fasciitis. There are several things you can do to self-treat your heel or arch pain. The first thing, is to wear better shoes and consider adding arch supports or custom foot orthotics to your shoes.

1. Do you stand on your feet all day?

Standing in one place for prolonged periods of time is a common cause of foot and leg pain. The muscles of our feet and legs have to work constantly even when we are standing still. Standing all day can be hard on your feet. Wearing arch supports, insoles or custom orthotics can help support your feet and remedy foot pain.

2. Do you go barefoot or flip-flops frequently?

Walking barefoot and wearing flimsy flip-flops frequently can cause plantar fasciitis heel pain. Going barefoot at home on hardwood floors and tile can also aggravate heel pain. To relieve heel pain try wearing sandals that provide arch support, such as Spenco Total Support sandals.

3. Are your shoes worn out?

Shoes are often the cause of foot and ankle problems. Foot pain can be caused by shoes that are worn out and shoes that do not fit properly. Buying  a new pair of shoes can sometimes provide immediate relief.

Wearing a soft, flexible shoe when you have heel pain is the worst thing you can do!  You may think that memory foam will improve your heel pain but it can often make it worse. Instead, choose a more supportive shoe or use an orthotic or insole to add more support to your shoes. 

The 1st rule of heel pain is to NOT ignore it. Waiting for plantar fasciitis to get better on it's own can leave you limping in pain. Start treating your symptoms immediately with foot care products specifically for plantar fasciitis at our podiatry store Foot Traffik.

You can also call our office at 562-433-0478 to schedule an appointment with an experienced podiatrist.






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