Standing all day is hard on your feet.

Standing in one place for prolonged periods of time is notorious for causing foot and leg pain. This may be unavoidable if you have a job that requires you to stand all day but, with simple healthy foot tips you can reduce the effects.

The muscles of our feet and legs are working constantly, even when we are standing still. They are continually reacting and adjusting to our environment to keep the body balanced and stable. This type of muscle function causes significant stress and fatigue because the muscles never get a break.

Standing all day is also bad for the circulation.

Blood that carries oxygen to the muscles and cells gets carried down to the feet and legs very easily. However, it then has a difficult time moving back up the legs because getting the blood to move against gravity, the veins require the "pumping" of the calf muscles, as is done with walking or running.

When you are standing still, both gravity and the inactivity of your muscles work against you, and after long periods of time, blood starts to pool in the veins of the feet and legs, causing swelling and pressure on the surrounding tissues.

Prolonged standing can cause too much stress on the legs and feet muscles, and the lack of circulation can cause the legs and feet to become very painful. This causes significant problems for those with jobs or lifestyles that require standing several hours per day, day after day. But if this is you, don't despair!

There are things you can do to lessen the effects of prolonged standing.

Remember, these types of foot problems don't just affect those who work standing on their feet all day, but anyone who is on their feet for cooking, housework, hobbies and even shopping. If your feet are tired from standing all day find help from the foot experts at Sol Foot and Ankle Centers in Long Beach.

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