In the fall of 2009, I painfully (and visibly) noticed what Dr. Graves quickly and correctly diagnosed as bone spurs at the joint of my 1st metatarsal and big toe. 

This issue made it too painful for me to run. I'm very passionate about running, so is was an extremely troubling situation.

Dr. Graves, clearly explained the diagnosis and prognosis. He asked me about my running passion, and understood how important it was for me to continue running as long as possible.

Dr. Graves recommended approaching treatment conservatively by reducing my running for a while, then very gradually increasing it (all the while monitoring the bone spurs and the pain).

This approach worked very well, and the pain dissipated. However the bone spurs, of course remained. The noticeable bump was still there, and the flexibility in the joint remained low.

Knowing that there was the possibility or likelihood of the condition eventually worsening perhaps resulting in the fusing of the joint, I elected to have out-patient surgery to remove the bone spurs.

Dr. Graves, assisted by Dr. Shirai, did an absolutely wonderful job. I've been running pain-free ever since!

I've never received better care and understanding from any medical professional!!

Steve S.