High heel shoes and foot surgeryNew Beauty Trend for Cinderella Feet

Plastic surgery for the foot is a hot and controversial subject. Many people, most of them women, are unhappy with the look of their feet and are willing to go under the knife to fix it. This is not a new trend, but has become a more readily available and acceptable option today. 

In addition, current trends in shoe styles are making it increasingly difficult for women to fit into shoes comfortably without causing ugly corns, bunions, hammertoes, calluses and other areas of skin irritation.

The Cinderella Procedure

To accommodate the increasing demand doctors, have developed surgical procedures including one called the “Cinderella Procedure”, which is designed to remove lumps, bumps and skin lesions and allow women to fit into the shoes of their choice. 

These types of comsetic foot procedures involve shaving bone, or even removing parts of the foot or bones in the toe. These surgeries are generally modifications of established surgeries that are designed to treat bunions, hammertoes and other foot deformities, but in a more aesthetic fashion.

Before Considering Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Is foot plastic surgery a safe and legitimate treatment option?

First, we believe that our patients are in charge of their own bodies and should be allowed to make their own lifestyle and healthcare decisions. If a patient wants something removed, repaired or otherwise modified on their feet. then that is their decision.

It is our job as podiatrists to perform medical procedures in the best way possible, which is why we use the most modern and high-tech surgical methods available to achieve the desired results. 

More importantly, if our patients are contemplating a foot surgery that would be considered “plastic”, then we feel a burden to educate our patients in great detail as to the ramification and risks of such surgeries. Surgery is surgery and there’s always a risk and chance of complications with any surgery.

Will My Insurance Cover Plastic Foot Surgery?

The other aspect of plastic surgery for your foot that must be considered is the ethical issue of payment for the surgery. Plastic surgery by definition is "surgery that is performed purely to improve appearance."  As such, this type of surgery is often excluded from health coverage.

Unfortunately, many doctors are performing foot procedures designed to accommodate their patient’s desires of fitting into fancy shoes and then billing their health insurance for surgical correction of painful bunions, hammertoes, and other serious foot problems.  If a foot “problem” is not painful and is more the result of a shoe choice rather than a specific foot pathology, then this is plastic surgery and should not be covered by insurance.

The question of foot plastic surgery is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly.

At Sōl Foot & Ankle Centers we advocate providing our patients with as much education as possible prior to considering this option. And, if they persist in their desire to have the surgery, then it is our duty to perform the procedure with the desired outcome of “pretty feet” in mind.

We are happy to provide surgical consultations at discuss the possible treatment options available to you.  It is our aim to always fulfill the foot care need of our patients at the highest possible level.

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