A podiatrist should be the first person you call when it comes to a foot or ankle problem.

Podiatrists are medical specialists who are trained and certified in the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of the foot, ankle and lower extremity.

They are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat your foot and ankle pain.

Podiatrists are licensed practitioners that are qualified to perform complete physical examinations, medical history, prescribe medications, order necessary tests and therapies such as an MRI, CT, x-ray's, ultrasound and physical therapy. Podiatrist are also trained to treat sprains, fractures, and perform foot and ankle surgery.

Podiatrist are uniquely qualified to care, diagnose and treat your foot pain!

With a complete foot exam from our experienced and caring podiatrists at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers, you can be rest assured that you are recieving the 'right' podiatric treatment, the first time.

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