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Fall 2015 Footprints: Reflect on Your Feet: If you have diabetes, today’s podiatrist wants you to refl ect on your feet and reduce your risk of diabeticfoot amputations. Avoid the chance of complications and amputations by following this daily foot exam.

Spring 2015 Footprints: Play it Safe with Today's Podiatrist - Sports injuries in adults and kids. Choose sport specific athletic shoes and the top 5 myths about fractures, breaks and sprains.

Summer 2015 Footprints: Your Guide to a Summer Free of Foot Pain - Sandals, flip-flops and warm weather may bring on summer foot problems. The do's and don'ts of a fabulous pedicure and how to keep your feet pain free this summer.

Winter 2015: February Footprints - Show Your Feet Some Love This Valentine's Day - Everything you need to know about women's feet and how to keep them healthy and happy.


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