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Answers to Some of the Questions We Hear the Most at Our Long Beach Podiatry Office

If you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain, you probably have quite a few questions. We’ve created this list of some of the questions we get the most and we hope they help ease your mind a bit! If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us for an appointment.

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  • What is a Heel Spur?

    Heel Spur: A heel spur is an abnormal growth of bone on the back or bottom of the heel bone. Heel spurs can take years to devleop and are caused from repeated trauma to the bone from the tendon pulling away from the bone creating inflammation.

    As the body naturally attempts to heal itself it deposits calcium and other bone building elements around the injured area. With repeated trauma to the area a spur will event eventually develop.

    Heel spurs themselves are not typically painful. Approximately 70 percent of patients with plantar fasciitis have a heel spur that is visible on an X-ray. However, many patients without symptoms of heel pain or plantar fasciits can have a heel spur.

    Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are common conditions we treat in our podiatry office in Long Beach. Schedule an appointment today, call 562-433-0478.


  • What is the Best Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis?

    foot taping for heel painThe best way to alleviate plantar fasciitis heel pain is to seek treatment immediately!

    The best treatment for plantar fasciitis will vary for each individual depending on the severity of their condition. However, the number one priority in stopping heel pain is by supporting the arch of the foot. This can be done with:

    • Sports tapings
    • Arch supports
    • Shoe insoles
    • Custom foot orthotics


    Other important treatments for plantar fasciitis  include:

    • Stretching
    • Using night splints
    • Anti-inflammatories
    • Cortisone injections


    Learn more about the symptoms and treatment for plantar fasciitis, or schedule an appointment with an experienced podiatrist.


  • What is Plantar Fasciitis?

    Plantar Fasciitis is the term for an injury to the ligament (the plantar fascia) that runs through the arch of the foot, from the bottom of the heel to the ball of the foot, and helps to support the arch of the foot. Plantar fasciitis symptoms include heel and arch pain and pain with the first step in the morning and after rest.


  • Should I have surgery for my plantar fasciitis heel pain?

    If you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and have been recommended to have surgery... STOP!

    There are numerous treatment options for plantar fasciitis and heel pain that DO NOT involve surgery.