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The Number One Cause of Holiday Foot Pain and How To Fix It

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During the holiday season shoppers head to the mall to do their holiday shopping. As a result many gift-seekers spend hours standing, waiting in lines, and hitting every department store wearing shoes that don’t have enough support.

If your shoes lack arch support you can develop foot pain, leg pain and back pain, which can ruin your holiday fun. Poorly fitting shoes without proper support can exacerbate foot problems from which many people already suffer from, such as bunions, hammertoes, arch pain, heel spurs and flat feet.

When you have flat feet, wearing ballet and dress flats for long periods can cause heel pain, arch pain and back pain. If you have bunions, or wide feet a few hours in tight fitting shoes can trigger bunion and forefoot pain.

If your shoes lack arch support you can develop foot pain and back pain which can ruin your holiday fun.

Shoes that don’t fit right when you first put them on will only become more uncomfortable, and painful, as your feet swell at the end of the day. Cramming your feet into spiked-heels shoes is bad enough when it’s just to go out to dinner or a party. But wear those same foot-strangling shoes for a day of shopping and you’re just asking for trouble.

So, how do you prevent shoe and foot problems?

Plan ahead. Think about shoe choices and how long you’ll be on your feet. If you’re shopping after work, headed to a holiday party, or a family gathering, bring a pair of shoes to change into. Wear comfortable shoes that support your feet and have adequate arch support, such as athletic shoes.

You can also make your shoes more comfortable by adding arch support with an over the counter insole.

If you insist on wearing dress shoes then definitely avoid pumps, ballet flats and loafers. Instead opt for wedges, low heels or Oxford style dress shoes.

You can also make your shoes more comfortable by adding arch support with an over the counter insole which can fit in most shoes. Shoe insoles with arch support such as Powerstep, Spenco, Sole and Redithotics can provide instant relief for tired feet. Foot Traffik in Long Beach carries a great selection of arch supports and shoe insoles to help remedy foot pain.

Wearing comfortable shoes for shopping can make the day a much more pleasurable experience and keep you from paying the price of foot pain. If you want to be able to focus on the gift of giving then give a little bit to your feet and treat them to comfortable shoes. They’ll thank you this season and for years to come!

If you are experiencing foot problems or foot pain, contact Sol Foot & Ankle Centers, Dr. Richard Graves and Dr. Mie Shirai have helped thousands of people get back on their feet. Whether your suffering from common foot problems or need complex foot and ankle surgery our experienced foot doctors can help. 

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