When it comes to sports, running, and general exercise and fitness for that matter, an athlete’s feet are two of their most valuable assets.

The main issue with general sports and fitness however, is that as the feet take such a huge amount of punishment, aches, pains, discomfort, and painful injuries often occur, which could quite have easily been avoided.

When it comes to matters concerning the feet in athletes, a sports podiatrist is incredibly useful and beneficial. In this article we’ll be taking a look at what sports podiatry entails, and when you should think about seeing a professional sports podiatrist yourself.

What is Sports Podiatry? 

Sports podiatry is the treatment and assessment of all lower limb disorders, including the feet and ankles. When required, a sports podiatrist will prescribe supportive footwear and training/strengthening programs designed to help deal with various lower extremity issues.

A sports podiatrist will be able to provide advice and recommendations for the correct footwear that should be worn during sporting activities, as well as any useful accessories that may also be of benefit to the athlete.

As well as the above, sports podiatry is also ideal for determining, via specially designed biomechanical assessments, whether an individual’s leg stability and alignment is optimal, and exactly whether or not it is sufficient enough for the athlete in question to perform a particular sport, or sports, and if not, a sports podiatrist will be able to provide advice on which steps and measures could be taken to improve the issue.

When Should you be Assessed by a Sports Podiatrist?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to be assessed by a sports podiatrist, and not all of them have to involve injury or pain either. Some of the more common instances in which you may wish to see a sports podiatrist will include:

If you wish to perform better in your chosen sport

A lot of runners and endurance athletes regularly see a sports podiatrist, even though they have no issues regarding pain or discomfort in their lower limbs at all. By seeing a sports podiatrist, the athlete ensures that their lower limbs are mobile, free from pain, flexible, and have full range of motion. This in turn will help them to perform better in their chosen sport.

For Injury Avoidance  They say prevention is the best cure, which is again another reason in which many athletes and sports enthusiasts will regularly see a sports podiatrist. Sports podiatrists will be able to prescribe training programs, warm up programs, recommendations for footwear, recommendations for exercises, and various exercises and movements themselves, which will help to offer the best possible chances of protection against injury.

For Injury Treatments  During sports and general fitness, there is always the risk of injury, and for individuals with lower limb injuries and general pains and discomfort, it will more often than not be the result of an imbalance in the body, a mechanical issue, or a general sports injury. Sports podiatrists will be able to diagnose the issues, and then treat them accordingly.

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