Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the plantar fascia (a large ligament that runs through the arch of the foot) is strained, injured and inflamed.  

The plantar fascia helps to support the arch of the foot and when it is not properly supported, symptoms such as heel and arch pain may occur. Some things you can do to prevent this problem are:

  1. Avoid standing or walking barefoot for long periods of time. Going barefoot can put needless stress on the plantar fascia, especially walking or standing barefoot on tile and hardwood floors. If you don’t like wearing shoes in the house, opt for Spenco arch support sandals or Dr. Comfort slippers.

  2. Stay away from flat shoes! Even though they may be in style, ballet flats, flat athletic shoes such as Van's or Converse, and sandals with a thin sole and no arch support are very hard on your feet. Instead look for similar styles that provide more comfort and support. They may be more expensive but your feet are worth it!

  3. Stretch regularly. Stretch your feet and calf muscles regularly to avoid painful consequences such as heel and arch pain. When the muscles and ligaments in your feet and legs are “tight” plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis are more likely to occur.



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