Don't let foot problems ruin your holiday fun! It's easy to neglect your feet and put off going to the foot doctor during this busy time of year, but keeping your feet healthy and happy will help you to enjoy the holiday season.

Follow these tips to keep your feet pain-free.

# 1 RULE: Listen to Your Feet - Don't ignore foot pain! Check your feet regularly for blisters, ingrown toenails, swelling or bruising. 

If you have any pain, swelling or problems, make an appointment with your podiatrist.

# 2 RULE: If the Shoe Fits, Wear it! - Choose your shoes wisely.

Don't compromise comfort or safety for one night in the those killer heels. Poor fitting shoes can lead to blisters, ulcers, swelling even foot and ankle injuries.

# 3 RULE: Don't overindulge in holiday foods! Certain foods and beverages such as; liver, red meat, red wine and beer, that are high in purines can trigger painful gout attacks in your feet.

If your susceptible to gout, talk to your podiatrist about how to prevent gout flare-ups

# 4 RULE: Be pedicure safe. Nail salons can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses that can cause nasty foot infections.  To reduce your risk of infections, choose a nail salon that uses safe sanitation techniques and bring your own instruments. DO NOT let the nail salon technician remove your ingrown toenail.

If you're having foot pain or your condition is not improving get help from an experienced podiatrist at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers.

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