Trying to decide what shoes you will be running and exercising in? There are many choices when buying athletic shoes - the decision can be mind-boggling.

The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of advertisements telling them what type of shoe to buy and what shoe is right for them. But choosing an athletic shoe does not have to be an overwhelming decision.

  1. Check your basic foot structure - If your feet tend to roll inward (pronation) look for a stability shoe that provides support. If you have a high arch that's more rigid you should look for a shoe with more cushioning.

  2. Do the Flex Test - Test the shoe by holding the heel and toe of the shoe and bend upward. The shoe should flex in the same area that your toes bend. If the athletic shoe flexes farther back in the arch area then the shoe may be unstable.

  3. How does the Shoe Fit? - Your shoes should feel good right out of the box. There should not be any 'break-in' period. Different brands of shoes fit differently, so be sure to try different styles. If it doesn't feel good right away, it won't feel any better at home.

  4. Take a Test Run - Be sure to take a 'test run' in your new shoes before leaving the store. Walk or jog around the store or even outside if the store will allow it.

And finally, purchase your athletic shoes at a store where the salespeople are experienced runners or walkers and are knowledgeable about basic foot structure, footwear, and gait analysis. They are more likely to help you find a shoe that's right for you and not just what's popular or fashionable.

Foot Traffik a shoe and specialty store located at 302 Cherry Ave. in Long Beach, CA is a great place to get expert advice and recommendations on what shoe is best for you. They have experienced "Good For Your Feet" professionals that want you and your feet to feel their best. For more information or help choosing your next athletic shoe call (562) 753-5279.

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