At Sol Foot & Ankle Centers, we try to ensure that our caring treatment begins from the moment you call us for your first appointment.  Our number one goal is to provide you with the absolute best in podiatric care.

We strive to help you feel comfortable, to assure you that we know what we’re doing, and to always be available to help you. We truly hope you were pleased with your decision and will come back to us for future foot and ankle care.

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We know that you may not feel comfortable discussing your private medical information online, and that is more than fine. We encourage you to stick to basic information, such as how you were treated, whether you were happy with your appointments, and anything else you feel is important. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective patient and try to consider information she would be looking for. Any of the buttons below will take you to a website where you can rate and recommend our services.

Sol Foot & Ankle Centers has been an important part of Long Beach’s medical community for quite some time, and we attribute a great deal of our success as a small business to our patients who have helped spread the word about our podiatry services. We know that people suffering from foot or ankle conditions want to “do their homework” before choosing a podiatrist, and many will turn to friends and family for recommendations and referrals. Several people also like to do research online, seeking the advice of past patients who had positive experiences. Please take a minute to write a review and share your experience with us.


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