Posted on Oct 02, 2014

Press Release: NEW Educational Running Book

How to prevent common running injuries before they start.

September 29, 2014:  Richard H. Graves, DPM and Mie Shirai, DPM respected Long Beach podiatrists at Sōl Foot & Ankle Centers are pleased to announce the release of their new educational running book, Run For Your Sōl; The Runner’s Guide to Goot and Ankle Injuries and Prevention. This new book delivers time tested advice and serves as an indispensable guide for any runner, from the beginner runner to the avid marathoner.

Run For Your Sōl is a helpful and easy to read book highlighting ten of the most common running injuries, how to prevent them, as well as their best treatment options. The book also features information on stretching, running shoes and answers frequently asked questions about common running injuries. It is the go to guide for all of your foot and running needs! Order your free copy of Run For Your Sōl online at

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