Posted on Jan 18, 2018

Get $10 OFF UV Shoe Sanitizer 

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Sale: 01/22/18 - 01/31/18


ShoeZap Shoe Sanitizer 

Fight back against fungus and bacteria that cause athlete's foot, toenail fungus, and stinky feet. 

  • Scientifically proven to destroy 99.9% of microorganisms.

  • Cleans and disinfects shoes in just 15 minutes.

  • Non-toxic and No harsh chemical. 

  • Approved and recommended by doctors.

  • Easy, safe and convenient to use. 

How does it work? 

Ultraviolet light technology has been used for decades to fight germs in hospitals, nursing homes, air and water treatment systems. This same, clinically proven technology is now available to safely clean and disinfects your shoes at home!  Using this technology ShoeZap emits a germicidal ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms that cause athlete's foot, toenail fungus, skin infections, diabetic infections, foot and shoe odor. 

Who should use ShoeZap Shoe Sanitizer? 

Everyone! Everyone can benefit from using ShoeZap Shoe Sanitizer, especially people who are susceptible to, are being treated for nail fungus, foot odor, athlete's foot or diabetic foot infections, and anyone who wants to be proactive about their foot health and prevent infections. 

The sweat from our feet causes our shoes to become breeding grounds for fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms that can infect feet and nails. With the ShoeZap Shoe Sanitizer, you can safely clean your contaminated shoes, and reduce your risk of infection.

Sterilizing your shoes is an important part of a complete treatment for people who suffer from toenail fungus, athletes' foot, and skin infections. 

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