Are You Diabetic? Did you know you are at risk of foot problems?

Small cuts and scrapes on the skin can lead to serious problems such as ulcers, infection and even foot amputations! Prevent diabetic foot ulcers and foot amputations with a complete foot care program from an experienced podiatrist.

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Keeping your feet healthy is an essential part of extending your health span. The Orpyx SI® Sensory Insole system is an easy-to-use solution for Diabetic Patients.  Pressure, temperature, steps, and usage data are collected by the sensory insoles, and feedback is given to you by the app.

Personalized care that aims to prevent complications before they become an issue.

Diabetic inserts

70% of people with diabetes develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This condition results in the loss of feeling in the feet which can lead to major foot complications such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Orpyx Sensory Insoles reduce the risk of Diabetic Foot Ulcer recurrence by providing the patient with real-time notifications, allowing immediate relief of high-pressure areas.