The best time to treat nail fungus and ugly toenails is always - as soon as possible!


1. The longer you ignore the fungal infection on the foot, the more damaged the nails become. This can  make treating and curing the nail fungus even more difficult.

2. Delaying treatment for toenail fungus and or even athlete's foot can also cause it to spread to other areas of the foot or toenails.

3. Infected nails can only clear as fast as they grow, so the longer you wait, the longer it will take to have pretty toenails.

4. If you want to have pretty toenails in time for the coming summer sandal season, you need to start treatment - NOW!

Treatment for nail fungus has always been difficult. Fungi are difficult and time-consuming to kill. In addition, topical medications have shown limited ability to penetrate the nail, while oral medications have historically had a high risk of side effects. Fortunately, recent advances have greatly increased the treatment armamentarium.

At Sol Foot & Ankle Centers, we formulate our treatment plan for nail fungus similar to how we treat all foot and ankle conditions:

1. By offering the most technologically advanced treatment options.

2. By determining the most effective options for each individual patient

3. By tailoring each patient's treatment plan to their special condition, related medical history and their lifestyle.

Tackling your toenail fungus may be easier than you think!

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