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Sol Foot & Ankle Centers

Respected and Experienced Podiatrists Serving Long Beach

Foot and Ankle Specialists Who Care for More Than Just Your Feet

  • Do your feet hurt?

  • Is your foot pain getting in the way of your active lifestyle?

  • Have you tried treating the problem on your own with little to no progress?

When your feet and ankle issues begin to affect your daily life negatively, it’s time to make a change.

At Sol Foot & Ankle Centers, our experienced podiatrists are fully equipped to handle your foot and ankle needs from routine foot care to podiatric surgical treatment.  Our Long Beach podiatry offices are fully equipped with in-house x-ray, physical therapy services, gait anaylysis, scanning for custom foot orthotics and advanced laser technology for treatment of toenail fungus.

Our caring podiatrists and staff will take the time to listen to you, explain your condition, and create a unique, individualized treatment plan to relieve your pain and get you back to the activities you enjoy. Give us a call at 562-433-0478. We even have SATURDAY appointments.

Our Long Beach Podiatry Offices Treat These Foot and Ankle Conditions

Foot and ankle problems can develop for many different reasons: genetics, injury, poor footwear choices, an active lifestyle, diabetes, and even age. Oftentimes it’s a combination of a few different causes. When you are properly evaluated by an experienced podiatrist at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers, you may find the root of the problem is something you never expected and the treatment may be easier than you think.

Our service areas include:

  • Heel and Arch Pain. Pain in the heel or arch is an extremely common problem that we treat in our Long Beach offices. We have many different treatment options available to get you pain-free. Heel pain is frequently caused by plantar fasciitis, but can also stem from a stress fracture, arthritis, or other issues.
  • Running and Sports Injuries. If you are a runner or athlete, your feet take a beating. Dr. Graves is the sports specialist who knows your pain! He is a lifetime runner and All-American athlete who specializes in running injuries, training, and sports injuries.
  • Women’s Foot Health. Due to their unique foot structure, women are four times as likely as men to develop foot problems. We are sensitive to this and help women with foot ailments such as bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, fallen arches, and more. We focus on both practical and cosmetic solutions to your foot problems.
  • Skin and Nail Problems.  In addition to traditional treatments, we are able to treat fungal toenails utilizing our PinPointe FootLaser, a pain-free treatment without the risk of side effects or complications from oral medications. We also treat a many other common skin and nail problems such as plantar warts, ingrown toenails, and athlete’s foot.
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries. Our Long Beach podiatrists commonly treat different types of foot and ankle injuries including sprains, fractures, tendonitis, shin splints and wounds.
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery. Our exceptional facilities allow us to surgically treat a number of foot and ankle conditions in our offices, including skin lesions, bone spurs, cyst removal, and nail surgery. If your foot or ankle problem requires surgical intervention, our doctors are also on staff at surgery centers and hospitals in the Long Beach area.
  • Diabetic Foot Care. Individuals with diabetes must be vigilant about their diabetic foot care due to their increased risk of foot infections, ulcers, and amputations. We recommend getting your feet examined at least once a year to check circulation, nerve function, and the skin on your feet in order to prevent diabetic foot complications.
  • Children’s Foot Problems. Some common foot problems that children experience include flat feet, heel pain, ingrown toenails and warts. If you are concerned about your child’s feet you can feel assured that we always stress a conservative approach to children's foot issues.

It’s Easy to Schedule an Appointment at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers

Whether you visit our Cherry Avenue office between downtown Long Beach and Belmont Shore, or our Village Road office near Carson Street and Bellflower Boulevard, you will feel comfortable with the positive and welcoming atmosphere of our doctors and staff. Both offices work hard to run on time, and we even have Saturday morning appointments available for your convenience. If you’re tired of letting your foot and ankle problems affect your ability to enjoy your life.

We hope to see you soon at one of our Long Beach podiatry offices! Our podiatrists and staff provide a warm and friendly atmosphere where every patient is respected. Call us today to schedule your appointment with one of our experienced podiatrists at (888) 703-9826.


Practice Areas

Heel and Arch Pain Heel and Arch Pain

Walking around all day with heel and arch pain is not normal. Arch and heel pain can develop for many different reasons, most of which are highly treatable. With just one visit to Sol Foot & Ankle Centers, you could finally know what has been causing your heel pain and how to make it go away.

Running and Sport Injuries Running and Sport Injuries

Being active is great for your body, but can be hard on your feet and lower extremities. Make an appointment with Dr. Richard Graves, an avid runner who understands your lifestyle and injury concerns. He has treated athletes of all kinds suffering from injuries like shin splints, sprained ankles, stress fractures and plantar fasciitis.

Woman's Foot Health Woman's Foot Health

It's time to take care of yourself! Many women ignore their foot and ankle pain due to their busy lifestyles, but it is extremely important to stop for a moment and address the problem. The podiatrists at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers know that women have unique feet and due to size, structure, and other factors, are most susceptible to painful foot conditions. Whether you have bunions, toenail fungus, or heel pain, we are here to help.

Skin and Nail Problems Skin and Nail Problems

Sol Foot & Ankle Centers treats patients with all types of common skin and toenail problems. You can trust our experienced podiatrists to ease any pain and discomfort related to ingrown toenails, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, plantar warts, and more.

Foot and Ankle Injuries Foot and Ankle Injuries

A foot or ankle injury is not something you should try to "walk off" in hope that it will go away eventually. Whether you have a sprained ankle, stress fracture, or turf toe, it is vital that you make an appointment with Sol Foot & Ankle Centers as soon as possible to receive treatment. By taking a little bit of time to care for yourself, you are much more likely to be back to 100 percent again in a shorter amount of time.

Foot and Ankle Surgery Foot and Ankle Surgery

Does your foot or ankle condition require surgery? The podiatrists at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers frequently perform surgical procedures both in-office and at local surgery centers and hospitals. We perform most types of surgery, including bunion surgery, cyst removal, toenail surgery, and reconstructions.

Diabetic Foot Care Diabetic Foot Care

Individuals with diabetes much be vigilant about their foot care. Why? Diabetes can cause people to have poor circulation and nerve damage, especially in their feet. The nerve damage in the feet (neuropathy) prevents the person from feeling the cut or wound when they get hurt, and the poor circulation prevents the wound from properly healing. Diabetics who have a small cut or scrape on the foot are at risk of infection and developing foot ulcers that can lead to foot amputations.  Sol Foot & Ankle Centers regularly helps individuals with diabetes; we treat people who are already suffering from foot conditions, as well as those who simply want to take preventative action through the use of orthotics or other measures.

Children's Foot Problems Children's Foot Problems

Children’s feet are always changing, and it is important for parents to be aware of any changes that may seem abnormal. We treat children with flat feet, bone growth problems, birth defects, fractures, sprains, or other common conditions like plantar warts and athlete’s foot. We are also happy to examine the feet of growing children to ensure that they are developing properly.