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What is a Sesamoid Bone?

A sesamoid bone is a bone embedded within a tendon. In the foot, the sesamoid bones are two small pea sized bones located under the great toe joint.  

The sesamoid bones in the foot help absorb weight when running and walking. They also work as a pulley for the tendons in the foot and help move the big toe. 

Pain in the joint of the big toe may be a symptom of sesamoiditis, sesamoid fracture, arthritis, hallux rigidus and a host of other foot conditions.

The best advice is to seek help early, before the pain has become so painful that you are unable to walk. Having your foot evaluated by a podiatrist is critical to prevent pain and future foot problems.

Foot conditions associated with the sesamoid bones include:

Sesamoiditis - A painful foot condition where the sesamoid bone (small bones under the great toe).

Sesamoid Fracture - a fracture or "break" one or both of the sesamoid bones. Fractures may be caused by trauma or an overuse injury.

Turf Toe - A foot condition where there is injury to the big toe joint. Pain and swelling affect mobility of the big toe.


If you have pain in the big toe or in the big toe joint, don't delay treatment.  Find help for your foot pain by calling (562) 433-0478.

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